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Welcome to the world of online casinos, a world full of excitement, joy and adventures. Online casinos take over traditional land based casino many years ago. This happen due to many advantages which online casinos provide to their customers as compared to the land based casinos. In land based casinos, you need to travel to the place and then play the casino. At online casinos you can play your favorite casino games right at your home on the internet. You just need an computer with an internet connection and you are all set to play and win.

Single deck blackjack

Single deck blackjack is one of the many formats of the card game available inside the online casino room for you to choose.

The biggest difference in this game to other formats online is the number of cards available in the pack. As the name suggests, there is just one single deck, which means there are exactly 52 cards available when you sit down to play. Once cards are dealt during round one, they are not replaced until the game is over, which has an impact upon your odds of winning.

The benefit of playing single deck blackjack can be significant if you are good at card counting. In basic terms, this is having a good memory and being able to remember what cards have already come out of the pack.

Card counting does not require you to remember everything. Nobody is capable of this. But if you have a good sense of the recent cards in terms of if they have been high or low, you can use this when making key decisions about whether to stand or hit. This could be the difference between success and failure.

A good example of this is if you are on 16. This is one of the most vulnerable totals to be stuck on. Itís difficult to decide whether to take the gamble by picking up another card or to declare and challenge the dealer to beat what you have. The information helps you here if you have noticed a series of high cards. If there have been lots of face cards and 10s recently, you may feel a low number is more likely to come out imminently, therefore you will hit.